Let’s start at the bottom…

Sliders are typically mass produced for a large hungry crowd, often eager to help. Don't let them. There is precision to assembling Crab Cake Sliders that can't be done haphazardly. Here are basic instructions for layering, starting bottom up.

Let’s start at the bottom…
The Bottom Fisher's Crab House Mustard Watercress Vidalia Onion Crab Cake Tartar Sauce Top Roll

The Bottom

Cut your knot roll in half. Lay the bottom half on the cooking sheet. Do that for all 12 sliders.

Fisher's Crab House Mustard

Next, slather a whole lot of Fisher's Crab House Mustard on the bottom bun. It's not an easy mustard to find but in Maryland you can get it in the specialty foods section at Graul's Market. Or you can order it online. It's got the flavor of Old Bay, but a kick that will knock your socks off if you're wearing any. You WILL GET FAVORABLE COMMENTS from your guests, guaranteed.


To add to the kick of Crab Cake sliders, lay a handful of watercress on top of the Fisher's Mustard. Arugula can be substituted if you can't find watercress. But the crisp, pungent, bitter pepperiness of watercress compliments the crab cake flavor perfectly.

Vidalia Onion

Vidalia onions, or sweet onions, do not have that strong fresh onion, --bad breath-- flavor to them. They are simply sweet and can be eaten raw, still leaving you with kissably good breath. Slice these, even shave them, as thinly as possible and lay them on top of the watercress.

Crab Cake

Next comes the crab cakes. Gently lay the crab cakes on top of the bed of onions and watercress on each slider, careful not to let the cakes fall apart. They should still be hot from the oven.

Tartar Sauce

It may seem strange to have two different sauces on one sandwich, but just think of it as having both ketchup and mustard on a hot dog. It goes without saying. Place a dollop of your favorite tartar sauce on the crab cake.

Top Roll

Crown your towering crab cake sliders with tops of your knot rolls. They should stick right onto the tartar sauce.

Your sliders are now complete and ready for a quick heating up in the oven.