Fresh Tomato Soup

Tomatoes are still abundant in the Chesapeake region right now, so get up early and head to your local Farmer’s Market if you don’t already have neighbors offing their extras on you. This is a very simple soup to make and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a tastier tomato soup. It’s very mild in flavor, allowing the sweetness of the fresh tomatoes to prevail, yet definitely has a cayenne kick to it. Adding Vidalia onion and celery gives the soup a richness not found in many other tomato soups.

Fresh Tomato Soup

For a print-friendly recipe see below

1 tablespoon EEVO
2 tablespoons butter
1 minced vidalia onion
2 minced celery stalks
4 finely chopped tomatoes
1 teaspoons minced fresh rosemary
2 cups water
2 tablespoons Better than Bouillon Chicken
white pepper
cayenne pepper

Chop the celery. Be sure to slice it against the grain. I had fresh tomato soup once at a local restaurant and had to ask what the “strings” were in the soup. I couldn’t quite place the texture. The response from the chef was that those strings were indeed celery. A little attentive chopping would have prevented diners from feeling like they were flossing their teeth.

Chop the onions and mince the rosemary. Heat the butter and EVOO is a large soup pot. Add celery, onions and rosemary. Sauté until onions and celery are tender and translucent. A slight burning of the edges will add flavor to the soup so don’t panic if it starts to burn.

Hopefully you have fresh local tomatoes. Nothing beats the flavor. Dice the four tomatoes and add to the pot.

Cook on low for at least 20 minutes until the tomatoes have cooked down into a nice stew consistency.

Take off the burner and let cool for 15 minutes, stirring to help the cooling process.

Place a couple cups of the stewed tomatoes into your hand cranked (or electric) food processor and crank until almost smooth. You’ll still have some vegetable chucks which just adds to the authenticity of a fresh soup. Pour that mixture into a large reserved bowl and continue blending down the rest of the soup.

Once it has all been blended, return to your soup pot, light the stove on low and let heat through for 10 minutes.

Serve immediately with some crusty french bread and a bottle of crisp Pinot Grigio.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Tomato Soup

  1. VERY interesting, Buzz! I did not know the “freeze the tomatoes then immerse them in boiling water” trick. So glad this recipe worked for you. I use the same “why waste all the vitamins” by not peeling almost every vegetable! Yes, let me know if it freezes well. Then this soup would be great for offshore sailing as well and I’ll mention that in the post. Many thanks!! Fair winds…

  2. looks excellent. Do you remove the skins from the tomatoes prior to dicing and stewing??…. I think Shallots instead of the Vidalia.
    Capt. Buzz

    • I think shallots definitely! I know I SHOULD skin the tomatoes but it’s honestly such a hassle I just try to puree the best I can!

      • Made the soup with 4 huge Cherokee Purple tomatoes, added 2 medium cloves of garlic, used shallots in place of the onion and only 1/4 tsp cayenne. It was great (even my wife thought so!). I did not peel the tomatoes and found the resultant soup smooth after putting it through a blender. I justified not skinning the tomatoes …. think of all the vitamins lost by discarding the skins! I froze a bit just to see if the soup freezes well, I’ll let you know the results in a month or so. As a note; freeze the tomatoes then immerse them in boiling water for about 30 seconds and the skin will sluff right off.
        Smooth Seas, Buzz

    • That’s my guilty please on our boat! My Anthropologie dishes occupy an entire drawer and my captain is very patient with me about it! They’re packed in tight and have withstood the ocean waves. The wine glasses are consignment…heavy, thick, cut crystal with a low center of gravity. They have withstood heavy sailing, but one did not survive getting accidentally kicked across the deck!

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