Inspirational cuisine all cooked in sailboat galleys

After years of sailing with friends, cruising, and living aboard, we’ve combined our culinary booty into this inspiring resource for cruising chefs and landlubbers alike.  We understand the challenges of cooking at sea and are committed to making your experience in the galley…as well as at home…as care-free as the ports you sail into. In the end, you’ll be serving your captain, crew and appreciative guests the scrumptious cuisine that will be woven into their sailing yarns for years to come. Whether you are a seafarer or landlubber, join our culinary journeys on the Gulf of Mexico, Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Click on the FOLLOW button and you’ll receive a notice every Friday morning of the latest tasty recipe. And let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

We are the Galley Pirates. Welcome aboard!

– Caroline  & Kristin

Notes about Galley Cooking Recommendations

We’re in the process of updating each recipe with a PRINT RECIPE feature. You’ll notice at the end of every PRINT RECIPE card are Galley Cooking Recommendations. These are indicators of best conditions to prepare each recipe on your sailboat. They are not hard and fast rules; you Galley Pirates out there can best judge your comfort level when cooking aboard. The three key indicators are:

Safest to prepare at anchor or at a dock. Not recommended for motoring or sailing.


Safest at anchor or at a dock, but can be prepared under way in calm seas.


Safest at anchor or at a dock, can be prepared under way in calm seams and can be prepared ahead for offshore cruising. 




UPDATE:   JANUARY 14, 2015





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