August 31-September 8, 2013


August 31-September 8, 2013

We’ve spent a lot of time cruising the Bay locally to Annapolis, but we’ll be taking a week to travel south, starting out on August 31 from our slip on Back Creek in Annapolis. In true cruising style, we’ll head toward Norfolk, but ultimately will go where the wind takes us.

We hope to post at least one meal a day.


Hail us on 16 and we’ll have you over for a meal!

August 17-18, 2013

Our first raft-up.  Caroline on Night Town and Kristin on Upward Wing, we’re heading to anchor off of the Chesapeake Maritime Museum at St. Michael’s.  All you cruisers out there are welcome.

Caroline is bringing Doug and Kristin will have Eddy and her mom, Gayle.  Come find us!

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