The Smell of Home Baked Bread

14 sliced bread displayed

An unexpected warm fuzzy onboard: easy, homemade bread. You can make this from scratch (knock yourself out in the doldrums), but if you’re fast under way or pressed for time, try Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade No Knead Bread Mix.

1 step 1

In a large bowl, combine the yeast and sugar packets with 2 cups of very warm water. Let sit for 3 minutes while yeast activates. Once the yeast mixture begins to foam, about 3 minutes, add the bread mix. Stir with a spoon until a ball forms. Add anything you want to your dough. Try minced garlic and rosemary. Nuts, olives, Italian herbs. Be creative and surprise your crew!

2 bread loaf with ingredients

Shape into a loaf on a greased pan, using a little flour on top to keep your hands from sticking. Now you need to find a warm place to let it rise. Here are two suggestions:

3 rising in a warm spot 1

Warm up your oven just a tiny bit and turn it off. 80 degrees or so is enough.

4 rising in a warm spot 1a

Pop it in the warm oven and let it rise for 25 minutes.

5 rising in a warm spot 2

Second option, which is my preference: Warm your oven to 400 degrees and place your bread on the top while it’s warming. While your oven reaches the temperature you need for baking, the bread is rising in that nice warm spot.

6 risen

All risen now after 25 minutes.

7 risen and scored

Score your bread if you’d like.

8 cookie tray on bottom

One problem with a Force 10 galley oven (basic galley oven) is that the middle rack is only a couple inches from the burner. This can cause the bottom of the bread to burn. To avoid this, place an insulated cookie sheet on the rack. The Airbake Ultra by T-fal works great. William Sonoma has one as well.

9 almost 400

Your bread is ready to bake when your oven has reached 400 degrees. Place it on top of your cookie sheet, lock the door and let it bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

11 almost done

Almost done…

12 hot out of the over 2

The perfect little bread loaf you’d never image could be made on a boat!

13 first slice

Let cool for 5 minutes, then slice while it’s still warm. And if you’re in a marina, be sure to share! Everyone smelled this wafting out your portholes!

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