Funky Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich was first inspired in 1995 when planning for a sailing trip to Catalina Island. The ingredients are very simple: easy to cook under way–here, we were halfway from New Orleans to Pensacola on the Gulf–great when the weather is hot or cold, and you’re certain to make your crew very happy. It’s been refined since and this recipe is now a staple for our routine cruising menus.

140620 - 01 FJGC Ingredients 1

Ingredients for about 4 hearty sandwiches:

Sourdough bread
16 oz. Cheddar, I prefer sharp
4 large jalapeno peppers
1 white onion
2 ripe tomatoes

Peel, quarter and slice the onion. Then prep the jalapenos: Slice lengthwise (the seeds are the hot part, so you can scoop out some or more of them with a teaspoon). Then cut into thin half-circles.

140620 - 02 FJGC Onions 1

140620 - 03 FJGC Jalapenos 1

And before you start cooking, thinly slice the tomatoes and the cheese.

140620 - 04 FJGC Sautee1 1

Over high heat, sauté the peppers for about 2 minutes in butter, then add the onions and sauté over medium heat mixture until the vegetables start to brown.

140620 - 05 FJGC Sautee2 1

In the pan, lightly toast one side of two slices of bread, in butter, over your medium fire. Turn to toast the other side while layering cheese (here I used a sharp white and a medium orange cheddar) then scoop on the pepper mixture and add your tomato.

140620 - 06 FJGC Cheese 1

140620 - 07 FJGC Tomato 1

Add the top slice of bread, turn, slice in half and serve.


This just might be the most delicious sandwich you’ll ever eat beating to windward.

Whether you agree or not, we’d like to hear from you!


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