Chongeun’s Favorite Chicken Wings

20140816_192214Our friend Chongeun loves these chicken wings, from a favorite cookbook called “Thrill of the Grill.”  I have seen her race Marshall to the bottom of a bowl of a dozen and then take a spoon to the remaining sauce.  In fact, that’s why I only have a half-consumed batch to show you…I had no sooner put them down, hot off the grill, and reached for my camera but the assembled crowd had decimated them.  Let us waste no time…

20140816_172252Other than chicken wings, your ingredients are a simple lemon-herb vinaigrette: olive oil, lemon juice, a lot of garlic, even more fresh herbs of mixed varieties, and salt and pepper.  Mince the garlic finely, or put through a press (yep, my favorite manual food processor is my choice).


Chop finely a couple good handfuls of fresh herbs — whatever suits your fancy.  I had parsley, basil, and rosemary.


Once the garlic and herbs are finely chopped together, juice 8-10 lemons into the mix, and add an equal amount of olive oil to make a vinaigrette.  Mix well.

If you haven’t purchased “trimmed” wings, trim them now — there are three pieces to separate: the drumstick, mid-portion, and tip.  Just go at it with a heavy knife.  Throw the tips away (or save to make stock) and salt and pepper the drumsticks and mid-portions generously.


Get your captain to grill them to perfection.  There’s not a lot of meat, so over a hot fire that puts a nice char on the skin it won’t take long.  These really are better over charcoal so we saved them for a night at the marina.  When grilled, pour the vinaigrette over the hot wings in a bowl and toss.  And stand back…perhaps shelter the children.

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