Nutella Banana Crepe Rollups

Nutella banana with Peter

This recipe was actually a culinary accident; but some of the best are. How many times do you make pancakes and end up with batter still left when everyone is stuffed? I did on our trip around DelMarVa, and these roll ups were born. And a huge treat on a stormy, rough morning when a good breakfast was in order, but complex galley time was not.

20150623_073359Thin regular pancake batter to a very runny consistency and make the thinnest, biggest diameter pancakes you can. Here I managed about 1/4 inch thickness in a 9″ pan. Let the “crepe” cool briefly on a paper towel laid on a square of tinfoil.

20150623_073727Smear Nutella across the crepe, as close to the edge as you can.

20150623_073821Cover Nutella with thinly sliced banana.


Working carefully from one edge, roll up as tightly as you can.


Holding the roll with one hand, wrap the towel and tinfoil around the roll as tightly tightly as possible to hold it closed. Twist or fold the ends and stick this somewhere safe in the icebox to chill, for at least an hour, or a couple days until serving.


When chilled, unroll and slice into about 3/4 to 1″ wide slices. Gobble up uneven, ugly end pieces while nobody is looking…Galley Pirates’ perogative. Calories don’t count if it’s too ugly to serve.


Serve the pretty parts!







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