Happy New Year from Galley Pirates!

Greetings, fellow Galley Pirates! And a Happy New Year to you all!

Looking forward to a fantastic start to 2018, this Galley Pirate is headed out on the excursion of a lifetime! Well, my lifetime anyway. Crewing in the World ARC on beautiful SV Solitude, captained by Gary with Admiral Torie in command, we will shove off St. Lucia January 6. Weather permitting will head to Columbia then onto the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. We’ll hang there for a few days, pick up (my!) Skipper Doug in Colon, then motor through the Panama Canal, rendezvous in Las Perlas Islands then head straight to the Galápagos. I don’t have a bucket list but do love when others include me in on theirs!  Track our progress here.

Check out what’s packed in a Galley Pirate’s duffle. This is just the beginning. See if you can find all 19 items below before I throw in my clothes, 3 lbs of Starbucks coffee and 8 lbs of Torie’s favorite wild rice.

A Galley Pirate’s Dufflebag

A Galley Pirate’s Dufflebag
AIS Personal Locator Beacon Galley Pirates Ball Cap 2 Jars of Better Than Bouillon Spinlock Inflatable PFD Sail Gloves Extra CO2 cartridge Truffle Salt Head lamps Foul Weather Jacket Mung Beans Some hose fitting things the captain requested Dried mushrooms Cameras Galley Pirate Battle Flag Tourniquet Spare Impellers Engine mounted fuel filter Galápagos Field Guide Plastic Containers to Grow Bean Sprouts

AIS Personal Locator Beacon

In case I get thrown out to sea this tracking device will show my location in the water.

Galley Pirates Ball Cap

2 Jars of Better Than Bouillon

My all time favorite bouillon. Can't cook a good meal...especially with limited groceries, as in the islands...without it.

Spinlock Inflatable PFD

If I hit the water it should inflate, using a CO2 cartridge.

Sail Gloves

Not that I really need them; I'm just used to taking them on any sailboat. This Hylas 54 has motorized winches...merely push a button to adjust the sails from inside the full enclosure. But I'll take sail gloves for emergencies and to make me feel like I'm a real sailor.

Extra CO2 cartridge

The TSA allows for two CO2 cartridges to be packed in checked bags. I'll place a print-out of the TSA Regulations on top of this to remind the inspectors.

Truffle Salt

Goes without saying...

Head lamps

I got a three-pack of headlamps. They each have 4 settings....low light, high beam spot light, red light, and flashing red light. Hopefully we won't need that last setting. But having a head lamp wth a red light is great for night watches.

Foul Weather Jacket

My old blue Gil. May not need it in the hot climate we will be in, but you hate to be without it.

Mung Beans

Hidden below a lot of other stuff is a small bag of Mung Beans. These are the "seeds" of which I plan on growing bean sprouts for a couple of Asian meals I have planned... Hot & Sour Soup and Egg Foo Yung. Torie has 20 cans of Tofu on board! It's just calling for fresh bean sprouts, don't you think? Now to convince the Captain that this is a good idea...

Some hose fitting things the captain requested

Dried mushrooms

For Hot & Sour Soup and some other dishes. I usually use just Wood Ear Mushrooms, but Graul's doesn't carry those in bulk any more. We'll make do with their stir-fried variety.


One regular Nikon with a couple basic lenses and one easy underwater Panasonic Lumix.

Galley Pirate Battle Flag

Way down deep in the bottom of the duffle is the Galley Pirate Battle Flag. It'll look great on a Hylas!


HEPHEAS Tourniquet, Orange Military Combat Issue Application Tourniquet for First Aid Kit, Stops Bleeding, Lightweight, Hospital Life Saving Hemorrhage Registration Card!
Yeah, hope we don't need this!

Spare Impellers

Little spinner things that push the raw water through to cool the boat engine. You always want to have spares.

Engine mounted fuel filter

A request from the captain. It's always good to have extra filters.

Galápagos Field Guide

So we'll be able to accurately identify our Boobies. (Blue-footed and Red-footed that is)

Plastic Containers to Grow Bean Sprouts

I found great instructions for growing bean sprouts in carry out containers on the internet. It will take up about 8 square inches of space; growing fresh veggies in the forward head.

Hopefully blessed by Poseidon and his demigods of the Internet, I plan to post our adventures with tasty recipes as we cruise three of the seven seas through the end of February. Galley Pirate Kristin will be posting from the New Orleans area in the mean time as well. So do check back in with us frequently. And let us know how your 2018 is going! We’d love to hear from you!

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Galley Pirates!

    • We pick up Doug in Panama Jan 28. We’ll be back March 1st. Never done anything quite like this before or been away this long. Thanks!!

  1. Wow, the stuff in that duffel bag could supply the Navy Seals on a top-secret mission! I see Gary is still ordering you around—better hope you got the right parts. Bon voyage and give Gary and Torie my best. I look forward to your dispatches from the high seas.

    • thanks Maureen!! (a few technical issues on the duffle bag graphic however; image shifting depending on what browser you’re using.) Just made hambone stew to keep Doug fed for a few days! Love…

    • Thank you Mil! And MANY MANY THANKS for the magazine and Newfoundland cooking info. My Canadians In Laws knew about that Fogo Island Inn. Cool write up! Happy New Year!

    • I plan to post stuff to our Galley Pirates FB page but I’m a little concerned there won’t be any internet access. We shall see….!

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