Prosciutto & Fig Sandwiches

Is a sandwich really worthy of a food blog post? Sailors can put any imaginary edibles between two slices of bread, right?. But when the sandwich includes a “salad” of arugula, Pecorino cheese and truffle oil; all topped onto a pile of Italian meats with fig jam and…you know where I’m going with this…post-worthy. Serve with a little Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and you’ll think you’re sailing out of Portofino. And maybe you are! 

As you all know, sandwiches are a basic sailing staple. They’re all-purpose; served for day sails, weekend cruising and offshore passage-making. For this day sail on the Chesapeake, I served these wonderful Italian sandwiches in my favorite plastic baskets; easy clean-up and non-breakable.

Prosciutto & Fig Sandwiches

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Rosemary Bread
1 lb sliced Prosciutto
1/2 lb sliced Sopressata
1 cup shaved Pecorino or Parmesan cheese
2 cups arugula
4-5 drops Truffle Oil
Sea Salt (or truffle salt)
1 jar fig spread

prosciutto sandwich ingredients

Shave the Pecorino or Parmesan cheese until you get 1 cup of it.

toss arugula manchego truffle oil

Toss the cheese with the arugula, truffle oil and sea salt. For that extra truffle flavor, use truffle salt instead of sea salt. I recently ordered a pound of it online as I left my last remaining truffle salt with Torie onboard SV Solitude. I just can’t leave home without my truffle salt; I took it on the World ARC with me!

layer sandwich

Slice up the bread. Spread a couple good spoonfuls of fig spread on each piece of bread. Pile on a generous amount of Prosciutto, then the Sopressata. Next lay on the arugula salad.

one final snadwich

The stickiness of the fig spread (or fig jam) helps hold the salad in place.

Serve with any crunchy vegetable like bell peppers or carrots. And of course a handful of Garlic Truffle Fries would be perfect as well.

And there’s our guest, Cassie…loving the Bay but dreaming she was in Portofino!


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