Sailor Jerry’s Champagne Grapes

With few fireworks or parades this year, the 4th of July sort of snuck up on us. It’s been a hot summer so far which means the holiday weekend calls for something cool, yet somewhat celebratory to make up for the lack of big BBQs and parties. These booze-soaked grapes are the perfect little treat which can be served as a snack, a light dessert or even a cocktail. The alcohol in these is not cooked out, it’s soaked in, so the non-drinkers (and children!) should pass on these and reach for a different snack. There are two options of boozy grapes here. One for your sophisticated guests, and one for your pirates!

This recipe is so easy it hardly needs explaining. The base is just soaking the grapes in champagne for a few hours or a day, then rolling in sugar. If you want to add any booze of your choice, go for it! It’s Independence Day after all…freedom to choose your booze!

Sailor Jerry’s Champagne Grapes

8 cups of grapes (any kind, red or green)
1 bottle cheap champagne
1+ cup superfine sugar
1.5 cups Sailor Jerry Spice Rum (optional)

Pull the grapes off the stems and rinse in a colander. Place in a ziplock bag and pour one bottle of champagne over them.

Zip it up and let sit in your icebox for 3 hours minimum…overnight is even better. Then, if you’re feeling like a pirate….

…pull half of the grapes out and soak in Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (or any other booze of your choice). I pulled out the red grapes to be able to tell the difference upon glance.

Let them soak for another few hours or even over night if you prepared well in advance.

Then roll them in Superfine sugar (regular sugar will work as well)

One thing to note…for you lucky sailors with freezers…these can be frozen as well. How yummy would that be! Just be sure to lay them out flat so they don’t clump up together when you freeze them. (Yes, good luck with that, as most galley freezers are deep and narrow. But you Galley Pirates out there are an inventive sort so let us know how that goes!)

Make sure your guests have individual plates and dig in!

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