Pirate’s Bloody Mary

2 bloodies top view

It’s a rainy day on the hook with a cabin full of bored pirates. You can start those filter cleaning projects. Or organize your bungee cords. Or you can just throw the whole day away and break out a deck of cards and the Bloody Marys. Let’s go with the latter.

Here are the ingredients for Galley Pirate K’s Bloody Mary:

Virgin ingredients

Here are the ingredients for Galley Pirate C’s Bloody Mary:

with vodka

Virgin Bloody Marys are just as tasty as a traditional Bloody Mary, and preferred out at sea. But if you’re on the hook or at the dock and want to add a little spice to the day, a Pirate’s Bloody Mary is the sure-fire way to do it.

Bloody Mary
single serving

4 ounces tomato juice or V8
2 ounces Vodka
1 tablespoon horseradish
2 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning
2 drops of Ghost Peppers
Celery stalk and lime wedge for garnish

a spoonful of horseradish

Today I’m making drinks for the skipper and me.

Fill two tall glasses with ice. If you don’t have any ice, go find a power boater. They always have ice. Pour in the tomato Juice. Top with a spoonful of horseradish, the Old Bay Seasoning and a drop or two of Ghost Peppers. Give it a stir with a stalk of celery. Add the vodka. And another stir.

2 bloodies

Add a lime wedge and PRESTO  you have a a tasty drink that has far more vitamins than…say…beer. Enjoy your day!