Old Fashioned Popcorn

in turtle bowl

Popcorn shouldn’t be the redheaded stepchild of snack food. Especially on a boat. It’s cheap, compact, and popcorn kernels never go stale. You can put them in ziplock bags and use as “packing peanuts” between bottles. No need to even explain how to make popcorn, except maybe to those whose experience started with Jiffy Pop, moved to Air Poppers, and now settled into Microwave packets.

Orville Redenbacher


In a large saucepan with a tight-fitting lid, pour just enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom. Add popcorn kernels to cover in one layer. Secure the lid, turn on the burner, and let it pop!

in the pan


Season the Chesapeake way, of course, with Old Bay Seasoning. Best eaten behind a dodger or prepare to have a following of ducks and gulls.

in the cockpit with Old Bay

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