shampagne adjusted

No, that’s not a typo…it’s a joke.  You loved Nojitos, right?  Well here is my latest entry in the “Mocktails” or “Sober Pirate’s Nonetheless Festive Libations” category…faux champagne.  Sham-pagne.  Get it?

Shampagne ingredients

For ingredients, you need equal parts (fill a pitcher with half of one, then fill with the other(s)) white grape juice and EITHER ginger ale, or for an even less sweet version with a bit more bite, a good quality ginger beer and plain seltzer water.  I like this recipe because even the ginger ale version is less sticky sweet than the sparkling ciders they sell as champagne alternatives, but the bubbles and white grape juice look equally festive in a flute.

Sham-pagne in tumbler

Or even just a plastic tumbler if you’re the pirate lurching about in the galley on Festival of Lights night.  Joyeux Noel, mes amis!

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