Pirate’s Pain Perdu (or Ice Cream French Toast)

servedAvast ye, me hearties!  On this Friday in late September ye must know that when the moon crosses the yardarm this eve’…tis INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY ONCE MORE!  Woe be to the landlubber that wakes on such a day with “french toast” instead of the pirate’s booty of Pain Perdu, made not just with lost bread but with ice cream lost, as it must be aboard any good galleon.


Maybe ye’r an old salt, a seadog, too savvy to fool with anything frozen aboard a boat under sail.  Well, what if ye knew that of three ingredients for this recipe, one was RUM.  Blimey! Grog for breakfast?  Well blow me down and serve me seconds!

cut bread

Yes, a great feast to prepare with lads and lassies, with bread gone stale and ice cream gone runny, starts as ye loose your cutlass from its scabbard and whack the bread into 1+ inch wide slabs and dump yer melted ice cream into a ziploc bag…

ice cream melted

…perchance the one ye wisely stored it in last night as you put it in the never-so-icey-icebox.  Aye, we prefer the vanilla bean, but any vanilla will do.  Don’t let the little urchins hornswaggle you into Birthday Cake!

one bread in bag

Scuttle yer bread slices in the melted ice cream.  AHOY…here’s where you add a decent pour of rum, a clap of thunder to splice the mainbrace, but not enough to send any swabs three sheets to the wind.

ice ceam melting

Now seal the bag so you can careen it from side to side like yer tarrin’ the hull, for the half hour or so that it takes ye to brown some sausage to accompany the feast.

in pan

Then just toast ’em up as ye would any french toast, which is to say: put them in a hot pan coated with melted butter, then turn the heat down to medium to cook slowly, for about 5 minutes per side, until golden as a doubloon.  Turn ’em fore and aft to keep them cooking evenly, and they’re ready when ye press on ’em and they’re chewily-soft, but no longer wet.

on two plates

Top with melted butter and syrup for a breakfast that’ll keep ye on the account, living the life of a pirate.  Heave to, and enjoy.


And ye see that bag of melted ice cream?  Try some in yer coffee…it’ll knock yer hindspars up into your standing rigging!  Yo ho ho maties!  Talk, eat, and drink like a pirate, if just for a day.

spoon into coffee




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