Mahi Sashimi

Day four of our off-shore excursion from St. Lucia to the Galápagos….we caught a fish. Gary set out lines and caught the quintessential Mahi; the exact picture you see in every Caribbean tourist guide. Not only did it give us three dinners but it gave him an important contribution to the Rally Control check-in: the roll-call that…for a moment…turns the ARC from a World-Class Sailing Regatta into an Offshore Fishing Tournament. And now we had our contribution.

There are some jobs this Galley Pirate is happy to relinquish, like filleting fish, particularly when there is always someone onboard who is better at it than me. I’ll get there some day. But thankfully today was not the day as I watched Gary on his hands and knees, propped up by a large fish in one hand and a 12 inch long extremely sharp filet knife in the other, sliding from port to starboard across the boat’s blood-smeared fantail…in 5 ft seas. Yes, this was something you might see Gilligan do.

There’s not much to Sashimi as far as a recipe is concerned. Sliced fish filets cut into bites and served raw, typically with pickled sliced ginger and wasabi. I have to say that I am NOT going on the record to recommend eating your fresh catch raw. Conventional wisdom says FREEZE YOUR FISH FIRST to eliminate any bacteria. That’s often not an option on a boat so we threw caution to the wind…of which we had a lot…and ate it at sea water temperature. It was delicious and to no ill effects.

Check back with Galley Pirates to see what other ways we served up the fresh caught Mahi on our epic excursion from St. Lucia to the Galápagos.


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