Almond Rum Balls

No, it’s not Friday. It’s Wednesday. Pump out day. Everyone knows it’s a good idea to tip the pump out crew well, especially on cold, blustery mornings. But hand them a bag of Almond Rum Balls along with their tip and you’ll have them believing in Santa again! And these aren’t your typical vanilla wafer rum balls that use ground pecans or walnuts. I substituted the ground nuts with almond paste and almond extract…along with lots of rum…to give them a decidedly rich flavor. And they hold together better than the traditional rum ball too. So please give these a try this holiday season but remember that the rum in these is not cooked out. They are boozy!

Almond Rum Balls

2 cups confectioners sugar plus about 1/2 cup more for rolling
1/4 cup baking cocoa
1 Box (11 oz.) Nilla Wafers
1 package (7 oz.) almond paste
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
2 pinches salt
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/3 cup rum

Mix together the confectioners sugar and dry cocoa.

In a separate bowl combine the almond paste, almond extract and corn syrup. Smash the almond paste with a fork to break apart. Add the rum and continue mashing until smooth (There may still be small lumps. Not to worry about that.)

Crush the vanilla wafers. This can be done on a large flat surface with a rolling pin or in a large bowl with a meat tenderizer. (or if you have electricity, grind in a blender) Crush into fine crumbs.

Add the confectioners sugar/coca mix to the wafers and stir to combine. Next pour in your wet mix of almond paste/extract, corn syrup and rum. Mix together with a wooden spoon until a dough starts to form. The rest you will need to mix with your hand until well blended. It will be a very stiff dough.

Roll the dough into small balls then roll each of the balls in powdered sugar to coat. Place the individual rum balls into confectioners cups. The flavors will blend better as they are store refrigerated. Can store up to two weeks.

Channeling my inner Kris Kringle today I passed a few out to fellow live-aboards, slipping little bags into their zippered shrink wraps. So much fun to give back to this awesome marina community.

And of course saved some for the extremely grateful pump out team. Given how excited they were I think I’ll be making little goodies every Wednesday!

Have a great holiday all you pirates out there!


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