Lemon Ginger Macaroons

If you like coconut and occasionally experience URGENT cravings for a fresh, warm, homemade cookie that require sating in “slice-n-bake” timeframe or less, then this is your recipe.  A handful of ingredients — most of which you probably have, and which are easy to keep on the shelf for just such emergencies — and about…

Night Watch Oatmeal Cookies

No offshore cruise is complete without cookies on night watches. And like any food when you’re pounding the ocean’s waves…you want something easy, nutritious and satisfying. Many cruisers, including we on Night Town, have an alcohol prohibition offshore. It may be the only time many sailors sober up. So in absence of the usual beer,…

Pirate’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies

ARRRRRR…’TIS ALL HALLOWS’ EVE! If ye manage to escape the ghouls and goblins, might I recommend a bit of baking?  Halloween always marks the “official” start of fall for me, and the pumpkins everywhere…well, it’s time for these cookies. The recipe is from Susan Spicer’s cookbook, with adaptations, of course, to make it galley-friendly.

Puppy Paws

Are these not the cutest thing ever?!? Okay, you’re right…THIS is the cutest thing ever.  But in terms of puppy-related desserts for people, Puppy Paws are it.  And the deliciousness-to-difficulty ratio is off the charts.  Three ingredients, 10 minutes, no more skill than unwrapping a piece of candy.


We once had a crew member, affectionately known an Pauly, join us in Nantucket for a trip south to Annapolis. Pauly came on board with seven bags of ginger snaps. Seven. In sailboat terms that’s about 3 square storage feet of ginger snaps. But I have to admit, all but one bag got consumed. Ginger…